Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hodgepodge 13.0

Work Quirks
My work laptop is kind of finicky. Every day, the Windows taskbar shrinks to the point where I can't see it, so I always have to unlock the taskbar, drag it into place again, then re-lock. When I do this, I sing to myself.  "Lock the taskbar" sounds an awful lot like "rock the Casbah" .... just saying.

Birds and Bees
The birds are back. Well, some of the birds are back. I don't know what this means, but I like it.  I also like that there are no bees yet.

Sleep Driving
I've had this dream-sensation before, and it's never enjoyable.  I dream that I'm driving somewhere at night, but that I'm really tired - can barely keep my eyes open - and for some reason my headlights don't work very well.  In this dream I just drive around for hours, barely being able to see the road but apparently unwilling to pull over and take a nap.  I wake up quite stressed.

Can I give up paleo for Lent?
For the record, I am not Catholic. But Cadbury Mini Eggs are hitting the shelves already, and I really want to eat Mini Eggs morning, noon, and night until they are pulled off the shelves again after Easter.  For real.

My vehicle smells like the beach!
I hate the smell of normal car air-fresheners.  Solution: Place your favorite Scentsy Scent Pak on the defroster vent up by your windshield. As you defrost your windshield (or just heat your car up) - the warm air diffuses the delicious Scentsy scent and your car instantly smells amazing. Your car could smell like one of these scents!

The healing powers of Coca-Cola
I don't drink soda anymore, except for once in a blue moon when I get a migraine. For some reason, the only thing that cures my migraines is a bottle of coke, so cold that it has actually begun to freeze. No other soda (or caffeine beverage, for that matter) works.  All I can say is that my 30-hour migraine is finally starting to subside, thanks to this bottle of tooth-rottingly disgusting corn-syrup water I've been nursing for the past fifteen minutes.

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  1. Part of the migraine thing could be how cold the soda is. I have had milkshakes to relieve migraines before, and it really works.


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