Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hodgepodge 14.0

Four wheel drive is fantastic.
For those of you who don't live in the Midwest, allow me to explain. Yesterday we were hit with a somewhat large storm, which as usual left large snowdrifts in our alley. Usually we end up getting stuck in those snowdrifts and spend hours digging out our cars. The Element plowed through those snowdrifts like a champ though - didn't get stuck at all! Hooray for four wheel drive!

I'm getting excited about LGRA.
Unlike lure coursing, the Large Gazehound Racing Association is a straight-line racing organization.  Hounds chase a lure (with a squawker!) for 200 yards. A friend of mine told me that the LGRA club in Iowa lets non-sighthounds run for fun, and that it's a good idea to do straight-line racing in addition to lure coursing because it can help build drive and focus.  So of course, the dobes are going to get into straight-line racing now! One rule is that the dogs must be muzzled, so Kaylee's muzzle from Halemar has been order and is due to arrive any day now.  I already have turn-out muzzles, but racing muzzles are different than regular muzzles - they are built to allow the dog to be able to open their mouth much wider.  Our first LGRA meet is in early March... should be fun!  I'll try to get photos!

I am an insurance nerd.  It's getting out of control.
Insurance is amazing, folks. Granted I may be biased because I work in the industry, but it's mind-boggling how much everything ties into insurance.  It's getting bad though, because... I've started dreaming about insurance.  I had a really detailed, complicated, embarrassing and hilarious insurance dream last night.  I dreamed that I was working on a New Business policy for my favorite actor's farm*. I remember being extremely giddy the whole time I was quoting it, and kept sending screenshots of the application to one of my co-workers and exclaiming, "Oh my GOD I get to insure his LLAMAS!"  Yeah.  I'm a nerd.  (*and yes, he does have a real farm, with real llamas.)

We've been crating the dogs more.
They were getting too used to being house dogs, and that's not good. I moved our "wall of crates" to a warmer part of the basement. In an effort to raise the temperatures in the basement, we decided that we'd no longer keep it closed off from the rest of the house.  As a result, the cats are now allowed upstairs. It's been interesting.  Pierre figured out how to open (and crawl inside) the microwave.

... and I am so proud of Jayne.  He's been leaving the cats alone for the most part, which is huge for him.

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