Monday, February 18, 2013

Chaos makes me twitchy.

I crave organization.

I have a planner that I've affectionately nicknamed "My Brain" - if an event isn't written down in the planner, I can 100% guarantee I'll forget.  I've used the same planner for about 8 years, which is probably yet another indication that I am messed up in the head.

I also have spreadsheets that help me plan dog shows.  The 2013 Dog Show Spreadsheet currently contains:

- 2 CAT weekends (total of 5 possible qualifying runs)
- 1 meat pick-up
- 1 dog show where Aryn will have a Scentsy booth

- 1 UKC show for Poison (novice puppy) and Kaylee (altered)
- 1 ATTS Temperament Test

- 2 AKC Conformation shows
- 1 possible UKC Conformation show

- 1 AKC Conformation show
- 1 Obedience trial weekend (I'm the trial chair)

- 2 Conformation shows

- 1 AKC Conformation show
- Midwest IPO Regionals (I'm the photographer)

- 2 AKC Conformation shows
- 1 CAT weekend (in conjunction with Conformation, 2 possible qualifying runs)

It's such a relief to have my weekends planned.  When I don't know what's going on, it's hard to plan finances, and that makes me queasy.  Now that I have my "dog stuff" planned out, I know which weekends I have available for vacations, photo shoots, etc.

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