Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spending Report Card, 2/20

So... I got a little behind on this, I'm sorry.  This is all from the last week or so.

$42.40 - fuel
$13.50 - antler from the antler man (he gave me two free antlers, I felt obligated to buy one!)
$20.00 - fuel
$60.00 - phone upgrade service fee (though Steve is paying me back for his phone, so $30)
$92.40 - raw dog food (I'm paying for it in advance, pickup is April 13th)
$25.00 - decals (much better price than I'll get anywhere else, and they're custom!)

... I'm thinking I should buy some extra groceries tonight, what with the Snowpocalypse Q scheduled to arrive on Thursday and all.

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