Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spending Report Card, 2/6

Ewww, bills.  Easily the worst part about being a grown-up.

$247.41 - car payment
$142.00 - utilities
$92.25 - paid off a credit card!
$93.56 - cell phone bill

A few notes.... 
- we use budget billing on the utilities, and our bill should go down in March because to date, we've paid $180 more for utilities than we've used.
- hooray for paying off credit cards!
- my cell phone bill will be increasing next month.  Boo.
- please note that while I pay the bills, Steve will be cutting me a check for half of the utilities and cell phone. So technically I only am paying $71 for utilities and $46.78 for my cell phone.

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