Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy Dog Person

A friend of mine recently added a third dog to her family, and jokingly announced that she and her significant other are now officially a "crazy dog people."

That got me thinking... when did I turn into a crazy dog person?

If I'm really honest with myself, I became a crazy dog person once I got on the waiting list for my first dog.  I went freaking crazy, you guys.  I had a binder with all my email communications with the breeder, I traced back my puppy's pedigree all the way to the beginning of the breed, I made lists of supplies I needed to buy. By the time Ilsa was born, I already had all of her toys waiting for her. I ate, drank, and breathed Dobermans.

I'm pretty sure I lost a lot of friends that year. People got sick of hearing me talk about dogs, so they removed themselves from my life.  That's okay - those friends would have been the ones I would have lost touch with anyway, and the "dog world" has given me so many more friends than I initially lost.

And this silly goose started it all.  Thanks, Ilsa.  :)

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  1. Haha! Nice post. I wonder when I became a crazy dog person. I know that I had a pretty good understanding of pedigrees by the time my first dog came home about 11 years ago, but I don't feel like I really knew all that much, really, practically, about dogs until adding Clover (dog number 2) to my life 5 years ago. Things quickly then got very crazy, on all levels...


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