Thursday, March 14, 2013

Postless Poison

"Mommy wow, I'm a big dobe now!"

Poison is 13 weeks old and her ears are already off to a great start. They stood for nearly 12 hours yesterday! Her left ear does have a tendency to fall over her head, but there isn't a pocket forming so I think it's just her one "trouble" ear.

I'm using a different posting method this time.  It appears as if Poison is somewhat sensitive to the tape I use, so I've been substituting tape for vet wrap. I do not recommend doing this if you are inexperienced with posting ears. Vet wrap can easily be stretched too tight, which can cause the ears to become necrotic and fall off.

I'm making my posts the same as I always have, out of blue paper shop towels - tightly rolled and coated in tape. I'm taping the base normally, but I'm leaving the middle section of the ear exposed and putting a strip of 2" vet wrap on the top part of the ear. I'm using a very small piece, so the ear is only covered in one layer of vet wrap.  I'm laying it flat over the ear tip and then squeezing gently, so there is some "give" if need be.

My friend Lori has made sure I have several fun colors of vet wrap.  So far I have pink camo, blue camo, tiger print, giraffe print, and green bones on yellow. It's fun to be able to switch out her ear "wardrobe" every week! (This week she's sporting tiger print.)

This serves as a reminder to all my local friends - if you need help posting ears, please contact me. I am always willing to help, and actually enjoy posting ears.  And as always, I provide this service free of charge as long as you buy your own supplies and don't live too far away.  If you're a vet or a vet tech and wants to learn how to post ears, I'd be happy to teach you - this is one of the safest, cheapest, and lowest-maintenance ear posting methods out there.

(And on a totally unrelated note... I love my girls!)

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