Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lure Coursing Weekend

There's nothing I love more than a weekend full of lure coursing!

Lure coursing, as described by a series of quotes from the movie Snatch, altered by me to make it about lure coursing and not open-field coursing:

Tommy: What's coursing?
Turkish: Lure coursing.  They set lurchers - they're dogs, before you ask - on a set of plastic bags. And the plastic bags have to outrun the dogs.
Tommy: So, what if they don't?
Turkish:  Well, the plastic bags get fucked, don't they?
Tommy: .... proper fucked?
Turkish:  Yeah, Tommy.  Before zee Germans get there.
Unfortunately for the plastic bags, we made sure zee Germans were there to chase them down.

Aryn basically has to ride Rocket up to the line like a pony...

Rocket earned his final leg towards his CAA this weekend!

Kaylee apparently levitates when she's slipped... what an awesome photo!

Kaylee got her 8th and 9th CAA legs this weekend.  One more and she'll have her title!

Erin's Doberman Bourbon got his first two CA legs!

Frank earned his CA title!

Flirt earned her first two CA legs and really wowed the judges!

Famke earned two more CA legs.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Cola got a few more CAA legs as well!

Barrett earned his first two CA legs, and his mom is now addicted to lure coursing!

Rue got her first CA leg too!

Sadie got two more legs towards her CAX!

Poison rode along and got to play with her new Spanish boyfriend, Quinn the Ibizan Hound.  Both puppies got to be socialized to the sound of fighter jets practicing formations on Saturday.  Poison was a very good puppy the entire weekend, and I can't wait until she's old enough to go lure coursing as well!

Despite getting sunburned/windburned, it was a great weekend.  Great friends, great dogs, and great people-watching. I don't think any of us will ever forget the sight of the orange-spandex-clad woman biking to the "I am not a whore" song, or the guys who biked past playing stripper music.  Or the dude biking in spandex and cargo shorts... (he's a survivalist!) ... or the multitude of brightly-colored tube socks.  Bicyclists apparently love crazy tube socks.

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