Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Bizarre Dream

Last night, my dream started at a Mexican restaurant.  Two of my friends - Chad and Tina - were there, and somehow we insulted the waiter and they refused to serve us, so Tina stole their plates.  I believe she also sneaked in back and replaced their refried beans with liquid bubble gum.  Tina then suggested that we leave Chad at the restaurant and drive to Wyoming.

So we drove to Wyoming.

On the way back, Tina said that she'd drop me off at the office, since a very bad storm was rolling in and my employer had called all employees in for safety reasons.  I wanted to go back to my car, because I had a large stash of firearms in the backseat... and also, Poison was crated in back.  But I ended up going to the office anyway.

The office was a tall, super-fancy skyscraper.  I took the elevator to the top floor, which was above the clouds.  It was all very creepy, and Mara (yeah, the demon Mara) appeared in the form of Tina Fey and told me to go downstairs with my fellow employees.  I determined that this was Mara's way of convincing me not to check on my dog, so I ignored her and tried to get out to the parking lot where my car was parked.  The doors were locked, but I could see that Poison was ok in the back.  I went back up to the top floor to confront Mara, but she was gone... and so were the creepy clouds.  I went downstairs to talk to my co-workers.

My friend Sean was there, and he was very sad.  He said he was bored, and really wanted some frozen yogurt but there were "a bunch of ladies with pugs" in the frozen yogurt store (attached to our office building) and he didn't like pugs. I went inside the frozen yogurt shop, and asked why the pugs were there.  One of the pug owners said that they knew the owner, and she allowed them to have pug playdates in the shop.  I approached the owner and asked if other dogs would be allowed.  (I knew her answer would be no, but I wanted to antagonize her.)  Of course, she said no, but she did give me a price list for the raw meat she also sold as a secondary source of income.  I left to tell Sean, but he had disappeared.

Next, I found myself in another Mexican restaurant.  Aryn and Jess were there.  The food was very good, but when we went to pay for our meal we realized that the entire staff had gone to bed.  We hollered up the stairs, and a couple came down to help us... wearing dressing robes and sleeping caps.  One of them gave Jess some throwing stars, and Jess had a hard time believing that throwing stars were a traditional Mexican weapon.  For some reason, I was adamant that they were.

Aryn and I decided we needed money.  Also, the little girl who played Rue in The Hunger Games was there too.  Our friend Lori told us to geocache for money.  She knew a spot in the middle of the city, but it was very hard to find and the conditions of the city were quite treacherous.  We went anyway.

The geocache spot was vague - we only knew that it was in a building that was sort of like a large, open storage warehouse.  The items stored inside were citizens' personal effects that they'd given to the city for safekeeping. The city was flooded, so we had to climb into the city using fire escapes and wading through murky, brownish red water. We finally made it into the warehouse, but didn't find the money.  It was very dark, damp and dusty inside, and we got the feeling that we weren't supposed to be there.  We all found neat items that belonged to other people though, so we grabbed them and attempted to walk out of the warehouse.  We were stopped by a man at a desk, who was scanning items to make sure whoever was taking them out of the warehouse was the actual owner.  Realizing we would be caught with our stolen items, we dropped what we were holding and ran away.

We ran through the first open door we could find, which happened to be the entrance of a junk store.  There was something very odd about the store though, because everyone in the store seemed to be hypnotized into thinking the junk for sale was valuable and amazing.  Aryn found an old AKC book and dreamily talked about how she'd been looking for that book for years, and needed to buy it.  Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) had joined our group somewhere along the way, and was fascinated by a dusty wooden owl that hooted every time you'd spin its wings.  He'd spin the wings, the owl would hoot, and Spike would start laughing... and then spin the wings again.  Aryn and I started a conversation with another shopper who soon introduced herself as a Keeshond breeder and judge.

Then I woke up.  What... why.... I don't even know.

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