Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cleaning House

I was raised in a very clean home.

I used to keep my own home very clean.

Somewhere along the line, that changed.  It wasn't a conscious decision... but apparently a two hour round trip commute, a full time job, several pets and their activities, a medical emergency that landed me in the hospital, the emergence of an autoimmune disease, and a messy husband all came together and made my "acceptable level of household cleanliness" change.

I should probably go on record and say that my house is never filthy.  You never walk in and instantly want to leave.  But I will admit to corgi-hair tumbleweeds under the furniture and clutter on every flat surface.  And dust.  Oh lordy, the dust.

For some reason, my emotional well-being seems to be directly linked to the cleanliness of my home.  I don't know about you, but I like being happy.  I like my life to be as stress-free as possible.  This past weekend, I did a deep-clean of about 80% of the house, and have been steadily working on the other 20% over the past few days.

More importantly, I've been trying very hard to maintain the progress I've made. This is harder than you'd think - especially with a corgi, a puppy, and a naturally messy husband in the house.  But we're making it work.

On a somewhat related note, I'm going to attempt to make my own laundry detergent tonight.  The ingredients cost roughly $20, it's safe for high-efficiency washers, and is apparently a year-long supply for a family of four.

I'm also going to attempt to make my own hand soap, and research how to make my own all-purpose cleaner.  Stay tuned!


  1. Envious! My house has lived with dustballs for years. The idea of making one's own cleaning agents may lead to an inspiration to clean up. Perhaps I shall do as you do:)

  2. i made that laundry soap with Dr Bronners lavendar bar, rather than fels. i like the smell a lot better. Oh i also added oxyclean

  3. I've made some of my own green cleaning solutions, some work better than others. I use vinegar to clean glass, and mix baking soda and vinegar to clear up grime.

  4. Seems to me that you've got all the basic things you'll need to clean. It's finding time to clean that's difficult to do and I barely have time for it too like you. But when I do find time, I make it a point to really give it all I've got to keep my home clean and green.

  5. I hear ya...with 5 cats, 2 Dobermans and a messy husband, I don't live with quite the same cleanliness standards that I used to. But, eh, we're happy :) And our house isn't disgusting. Dusty, yes. Disgusting, no.

    Please report back on the homemade laundry soap...I'm intrigued.

    Shanoa Delta


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