Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hodgepodge 15.0

Holy cow, I haven't done a hodgepodge since January!  Tomorrow I will have some great news to share, but for now... here is some random stuff that'll keep you entertained.

Apparently I've started sleepwalking.  Before you ask, no - I'm not taking any medication to help me sleep.  Steve found me on the floor of the living room a few nights ago, fast asleep.  I'd apparently grabbed a few blankets and a pillow so the floor would be more comfortable. When Steve asked me why I was in the living room, I allegedly told him that I was "waiting for the van" and was "afraid I'd miss it if I was in bed."  

Maybe it's just another sign I'm losing my mind.  Tonight I decided to watch The Hobbit, but I couldn't get the Blu Ray player to work. I tried everything. After scrolling through menus and furious button-mashing of remotes, I was this close to calling Steve for help.  Then I realized.... I hadn't actually put the disc in the player.  Whoops.

Speaking of Steve... here's another SteveStory for you.
Last week, Steve and I decided to watch all the current Marvel universe movies to prepare ourselves for Iron Man 3. We got through Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2 without incident. Halfway through Thor, Steve turned to me and said, "So, the guy who plays Thor is very Vikingish. That got me thinking about True Blood, and the guy who plays Eric Northman is also very Vikingish. And I realized, if I was gay, I would totally be into Vikings."  Yes, my husband has officially admitted to having a mancrush on Chris Helmsworth and Alexander Skarsgard. I'm sorely tempted to find a large poster of a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard and putting it up in the Nerd Cave.  Partially as a joke, and partially... well, to look at.  Heehee.

On a completely unrelated note... we got 5" of snow on Friday, May 3rd.  Damn Nature, you scary!

Also, here are some geese.  (I took this photo at the lure coursing trial two weeks ago.)

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  1. My Dh use to sleepwalk all the time. The oddest place we found him was under the kitchen sink. lol.

    Oh I'd totally put that poster up! hehe.


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