Monday, July 22, 2013

A Week of Raw

A new member of a dog forum I frequent has just started feeding raw, and asked for a sample "weekly menu" in order to help her understand what is meant by "balance over time."  I volunteered to keep a photo record of one weeks' worth of meals for my four dogs.

The Dogs (and their corresponding bowls)
Jayne - 75lb neutered male Doberman, 3yrs - bowl @ 12 o'clock
Poison - 55lb intact female Doberman, 7mos - bowl @ 3 o'clock
Kaylee - 60lb spayed female Doberman, 5yrs - bowl @ 6 o'clock
Talla - 25lb spayed female Mexidog, 2yrs - bowl @ 9 o'clock

An Explanation of our Mixes
Beef mix - 80% muscle, 10% bone, 10% organ (muscle, liver, lung, heart, kidney, tripe, bone)
Organ mix - 30% muscle, 0% bone, 70% organ (chicken hearts & gizzards, chicken liver)
Chicken mix - 40% muscle, 30% bone, 30% organ (whole chicken, sans guts and feathers)

Okay, let's get started!

Wednesday AM
Jayne - half a rabbit, 12oz (bone/muscle heavy)
Poison - beef mix & half a rabbit, 24oz (a bit lacking in organ)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 8oz (balanced)

Wednesday PM
Jayne - beef mix & beef pancreas, 14oz (a bit organ heavy)
Poison - beef mix & beef pancreas, 20oz (a bit organ heavy)
Kaylee - beef mix & beef pancreas, 13oz (a bit organ heavy)
Talla - beef mix & beef pancreas, 9oz (a bit organ heavy)

Thursday AM
Jayne - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 12oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Poison - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 24oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Kaylee - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 10oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Talla - beef mix & beef pancreas, 8oz (a bit organ heavy)

Thursday PM
Jayne - beef mix & pollock oil, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & pollock oil, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & pollock oil, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & pollock oil, 6oz (balanced)
*** Note the Vitamin E capsules - when you supplement with fish oil, you must also supplement Vitamin E.

Friday AM
Jayne - chunk of venison, 12oz (bone heavy)
Poison - chunk of venison, 14oz (bone heavy)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - chunk of venison, 8oz (bone heavy)

Friday PM
Jayne - beef mix & chicken necks, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & chicken necks, 28oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & chicken necks, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & chicken necks, 8oz (balanced)

Saturday AM
Jayne - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & chicken necks, 22oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 6oz (balanced)

Saturday PM
Jayne - beef mix & organ mix, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & organ mix, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & organ mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & organ mix, 7oz (balanced)

Sunday AM & Sunday PM
A few times a month, I feed Honest Kitchen.  Sunday was an HK day!

Monday AM
Jayne - beef mix, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 7oz (balanced)
*** Note that this is a bit of a gorge meal.  The beef mix slab I'd thawed on Tuesday is about to go bad, so I need to feed it quickly to avoid waste.  

Monday PM
Jayne - beef mix & pollock oil, 10oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & pollock oil, 20oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & pollock oil, 9oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & pollock oil, 6oz (balanced)
*** Note - Jayne and Poison's bowls are switched in this photo... whoops.

Tuesday AM
Jayne - rabbit (head end) & organ mix, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - rabbit (butt end) & organ mix & chicken drumstick, 24 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - rabbit (saddle w/kidneys) & organ mix, 10 oz (balanced)
Talla - chicken drumstick & organ mix, 12 oz (balanced)

Tuesday PM
Jayne - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 12 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Poison - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 20 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Kaylee - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 10 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Talla - chicken drumstick & organ mix, 12 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)

Wednesday AM
Jayne - rabbit (head end) & beef mix, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - rabbit (back end), 20 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - chicken drumstick & rabbit (saddle w/kidneys), 12 oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 9 oz (balanced)

Wednesday PM
Jayne - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 24 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 12 oz (balanced)
Talla - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 7 oz (balanced)

So there you have it... a typical week's worth of raw here at Casa Sizzle.  I have a lot of rabbit right now, which is why there was a lot of rabbit fed this week.  Usually I feed eggs a few times a week, but I don't have any farm-fresh eggs right now.  I also tend to feed straight liver (usually elk right now) but for some reason have been using the organ mix. Probably because I already had it thawed.  I also thought I would feed chicken mix this week, but I've got a limited supply so I've been hoarding it.

Thanks for putting up with the gore!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Revy's gone.

I've been putting off writing this blog post.  I might as well get it out of the way.

Yesterday, we released Revy from her failing body.  The pancreatic enzymes weren't working anymore, the B12 injections weren't working anymore, and she was losing weight rapidly.  Her liver had begun to fail, and her blood was having difficulty clotting.  EPI had won.

There was nothing we could do, except say goodbye.

Right now, I feel cheated.  I'm angry at the universe for putting her through this.  For putting us through this.  She was the best little corgi you could have asked for, and she was only on this earth for three years.

This wasn't the ending I'd wanted for Revy.  It's too quiet here.  A friend of mine commented that Revy gave the best hugs.  I miss those hugs.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slightly Disjointed Midnight Ramblings

I may have had *this much* UV Blue tonight.  (You can't see me, but I'm holding my fingers a sufficient distance apart to convey a sense of giddy fuzziness.)


I got some rabbits.  For the dogs.  They were cheap.  They were cheap because they were basically just dead rabbits.

I spent like... five hours thawing, skinning, and gutting them.  Omigod, I did not realize that rabbit guts smelled so bad. And wow, rabbits have a lot poo inside of them.  Also, bladders.  Thank god those were still frozen.

Anyway, after my epic rabbit cleaning night, I took a shower and realized I probably deserved some fruity alcohol.  You know, to hopefully erase the memory of the smell of rabbit guts.  Has not worked so far.

Fun fact:  Apparently skinned rabbits look like skinned cats, so it is considered polite to leave a foot on a dead rabbit carcass so people know it's not a cat. This allegedly originated in the 1940's, when some not-so-honest butchers were trying to pass off cat meat as rabbit meat.  Leaving a rabbit foot on the carcass was actually mandated by the government at that time.  Fascinating.

PS - one of my cats grabbed a 3-pound rabbit carcass out of the sink and ran around the house with it, trying to find a safe place to eat it.  Never before have I seen something so awesome... yet horrifying.

I have a lot of rabbit feet.  They're in a cottage cheese container in my fridge.  So don't go into my fridge and try to get a bowl of cottage cheese, because you will end up with a bowl of rabbit feet instead.

Wow.  I should go to bed.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paco Collar Decoration Class

I've been a fan of Paco Collars since my very first purchase in 2007.  I actually bartered for the collars - a Zuma and a Pandora in exchange for a ton of letterhead and thank-you cards.

My collection of Paco gear has grown over the years, and I've always been disappointed that I've never been able to visit the Paco store in Berkeley or meet any of the staff that has treated me so well.  When Paco Collars announced that they'd be holding a collar decoration class in Minnesota, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to work on my very own collar.

Yesterday, Kaylee and I left for Winona, MN at around 5:30am. I was so happy I didn't have to drive into the twin cities!  After a quick potty break, Kaylee got comfy...

... and I got started on Poison's collar! I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but once I started on the design I realized it would be much harder than I originally thought. I decided to modify the design somewhat.

After the class, I did a photo session for an adorable Rottweiler named Apollo.  Apollo's owner is a friend of mine who also made a collar at the Paco class. I must say, Apollo's new collar is quite possibly one of the coolest collars I've ever seen!  None of my skinny-necked dogs would be able to wear it well, but it looks fantastic on Apollo!

I finally left for home....

... and attempted to get a photo of the collar on wild Poison!  I semi-succeeded.

If you are a fan of Paco Collars and have an opportunity to attend one of their classes, I highly recommend it. You can make whatever you want, get to meet Paco staff, and hang out with other Paco fans. Beware of their trunk sales though... unless you have a big bank account!