Monday, July 22, 2013

A Week of Raw

A new member of a dog forum I frequent has just started feeding raw, and asked for a sample "weekly menu" in order to help her understand what is meant by "balance over time."  I volunteered to keep a photo record of one weeks' worth of meals for my four dogs.

The Dogs (and their corresponding bowls)
Jayne - 75lb neutered male Doberman, 3yrs - bowl @ 12 o'clock
Poison - 55lb intact female Doberman, 7mos - bowl @ 3 o'clock
Kaylee - 60lb spayed female Doberman, 5yrs - bowl @ 6 o'clock
Talla - 25lb spayed female Mexidog, 2yrs - bowl @ 9 o'clock

An Explanation of our Mixes
Beef mix - 80% muscle, 10% bone, 10% organ (muscle, liver, lung, heart, kidney, tripe, bone)
Organ mix - 30% muscle, 0% bone, 70% organ (chicken hearts & gizzards, chicken liver)
Chicken mix - 40% muscle, 30% bone, 30% organ (whole chicken, sans guts and feathers)

Okay, let's get started!

Wednesday AM
Jayne - half a rabbit, 12oz (bone/muscle heavy)
Poison - beef mix & half a rabbit, 24oz (a bit lacking in organ)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 8oz (balanced)

Wednesday PM
Jayne - beef mix & beef pancreas, 14oz (a bit organ heavy)
Poison - beef mix & beef pancreas, 20oz (a bit organ heavy)
Kaylee - beef mix & beef pancreas, 13oz (a bit organ heavy)
Talla - beef mix & beef pancreas, 9oz (a bit organ heavy)

Thursday AM
Jayne - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 12oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Poison - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 24oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Kaylee - beef mix & beef pancreas & venison heart, 10oz (a bit lacking in bone)
Talla - beef mix & beef pancreas, 8oz (a bit organ heavy)

Thursday PM
Jayne - beef mix & pollock oil, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & pollock oil, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & pollock oil, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & pollock oil, 6oz (balanced)
*** Note the Vitamin E capsules - when you supplement with fish oil, you must also supplement Vitamin E.

Friday AM
Jayne - chunk of venison, 12oz (bone heavy)
Poison - chunk of venison, 14oz (bone heavy)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - chunk of venison, 8oz (bone heavy)

Friday PM
Jayne - beef mix & chicken necks, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & chicken necks, 28oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & chicken necks, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & chicken necks, 8oz (balanced)

Saturday AM
Jayne - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & chicken necks, 22oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 6oz (balanced)

Saturday PM
Jayne - beef mix & organ mix, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & organ mix, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & organ mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & organ mix, 7oz (balanced)

Sunday AM & Sunday PM
A few times a month, I feed Honest Kitchen.  Sunday was an HK day!

Monday AM
Jayne - beef mix, 12oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix, 24oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix, 10oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 7oz (balanced)
*** Note that this is a bit of a gorge meal.  The beef mix slab I'd thawed on Tuesday is about to go bad, so I need to feed it quickly to avoid waste.  

Monday PM
Jayne - beef mix & pollock oil, 10oz (balanced)
Poison - beef mix & pollock oil, 20oz (balanced)
Kaylee - beef mix & pollock oil, 9oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix & pollock oil, 6oz (balanced)
*** Note - Jayne and Poison's bowls are switched in this photo... whoops.

Tuesday AM
Jayne - rabbit (head end) & organ mix, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - rabbit (butt end) & organ mix & chicken drumstick, 24 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - rabbit (saddle w/kidneys) & organ mix, 10 oz (balanced)
Talla - chicken drumstick & organ mix, 12 oz (balanced)

Tuesday PM
Jayne - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 12 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Poison - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 20 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Kaylee - chicken drumsticks & organ mix, 10 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)
Talla - chicken drumstick & organ mix, 12 oz (teensy bit bone heavy)

Wednesday AM
Jayne - rabbit (head end) & beef mix, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - rabbit (back end), 20 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - chicken drumstick & rabbit (saddle w/kidneys), 12 oz (balanced)
Talla - beef mix, 9 oz (balanced)

Wednesday PM
Jayne - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 12 oz (balanced)
Poison - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 24 oz (balanced)
Kaylee - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 12 oz (balanced)
Talla - boneless beef mix & chicken back & pollock oil, 7 oz (balanced)

So there you have it... a typical week's worth of raw here at Casa Sizzle.  I have a lot of rabbit right now, which is why there was a lot of rabbit fed this week.  Usually I feed eggs a few times a week, but I don't have any farm-fresh eggs right now.  I also tend to feed straight liver (usually elk right now) but for some reason have been using the organ mix. Probably because I already had it thawed.  I also thought I would feed chicken mix this week, but I've got a limited supply so I've been hoarding it.

Thanks for putting up with the gore!

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  1. Love the food posts! Why the comment: "Note the Vitamin E capsules - when you supplement with fish oil, you must also supplement Vitamin E." I squirt fish oil over their food but have never given Vit E. Can you educate me?


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