Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slightly Disjointed Midnight Ramblings

I may have had *this much* UV Blue tonight.  (You can't see me, but I'm holding my fingers a sufficient distance apart to convey a sense of giddy fuzziness.)


I got some rabbits.  For the dogs.  They were cheap.  They were cheap because they were basically just dead rabbits.

I spent like... five hours thawing, skinning, and gutting them.  Omigod, I did not realize that rabbit guts smelled so bad. And wow, rabbits have a lot poo inside of them.  Also, bladders.  Thank god those were still frozen.

Anyway, after my epic rabbit cleaning night, I took a shower and realized I probably deserved some fruity alcohol.  You know, to hopefully erase the memory of the smell of rabbit guts.  Has not worked so far.

Fun fact:  Apparently skinned rabbits look like skinned cats, so it is considered polite to leave a foot on a dead rabbit carcass so people know it's not a cat. This allegedly originated in the 1940's, when some not-so-honest butchers were trying to pass off cat meat as rabbit meat.  Leaving a rabbit foot on the carcass was actually mandated by the government at that time.  Fascinating.

PS - one of my cats grabbed a 3-pound rabbit carcass out of the sink and ran around the house with it, trying to find a safe place to eat it.  Never before have I seen something so awesome... yet horrifying.

I have a lot of rabbit feet.  They're in a cottage cheese container in my fridge.  So don't go into my fridge and try to get a bowl of cottage cheese, because you will end up with a bowl of rabbit feet instead.

Wow.  I should go to bed.

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