Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Visitor

Poison's 11 month old half-sister Rayne is here for a month.  Her mom and dad are building a house and are very busy, so Rayne decided she wanted to go on vacation!  Why she picked the Prairie Dobe Finishing School is beyond me, but she's here and that's all that matters. We're very happy to have her.

It's been four days, and she has settled in quite nicely.  After initially balking at real meat, she eventually decided that eating raw is pretty fun.  She tagged along to a lure coursing practice, visited our favorite dog bakery (and promptly made an ass of herself because Kaylee told her she should), and went to show-dog school at DMOTC.

We're showing her eight times before she goes back to her owners.  While I hope she doesn't steal all the points from Poison, I do hope we make some progress on her championship!

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