Monday, September 2, 2013

California Roadtrip Photos

Here's the deal, loyal readers. I ended up with 125 great photos from my roadtrip to California, but I probably shouldn't post all of them on my blog.  So I've picked a selection of the best ones.  (If you're interested in seeing all of them, check out my Flickr Photostream.) Keep in mind that these were all taken from the inside of the car, since we didn't have time to stop for sightseeing.


Sun poking through the clouds


Cows on a cliff


First sight of mountains

Driving through the trip's first mountains


Entering the salt flats


Smoke from the wildfires

Smoke completely obscured the mountains ahead


Tahoe National Forest, as photographed by Jess. I was lucky enough to drive this stretch!

 The end!

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