Monday, September 23, 2013

Cordova Park Excursion

There is a little gem of a park just north of Knoxville, Iowa called Cordova Park. It's about 20 minutes away from my house, and I'm surprised that I haven't explored it much.  The trails aren't long, but you can spend hours climbing around on the rocks that line the lake.  Thanks to pre-Illinoian glacial drift, the rock formations out at Lake Red Rock are quite spectacular.  There's a ton of petrified wood lying around as well. Also, an observation tower. The observation tower is coooool.

Jayne and my husband are just barely visible in the photo below.  I tried very hard to get a photo that showed the size of these rock formations, but I don't think I succeeded. It looks fairly easy, but in reality this involved some pretty savvy climbing! Luckily my dogs know Go, Easy, and Wait. They will go where they're told at a specified speed, and they will stop and wait.  Unfortunately, my husband isn't a good communicator when it comes to Go, Easy, and Wait.  As a result, Jayne got himself into some dicey situations and Steve nearly fell to his death a few times.  I had Kaylee, and it should come to no surprise that we did better.

Part of my climbing success can be attributed to my choice in footwear.  Clmbing in VFFs allows so much more control and flexibility.  VFFs allow you to grip the rocks with your toes, and have a better feel for unstable areas. As a loyal VFF wearer, I was duty-bound to take a photo of my feet.  This is a phenomena I like to call footbombing.  Most VFFers are guilty of doing this at least once.  This photo was taken atop a large boulder, probably about 50ft above the water. 

Until next time... the end!

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