Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hodgepodge 17.0

Tuesday Reviewsdays
Starting these up again, now that I'm (mostly) settled in from my California trip. 

I can't bring myself to tell the folks over at the EPI Dog Forum that Revy's gone.  As much as everyone says that EPI is manageable and doesn't shorten life expectancy, there sure are a lot of EPI dogs that have remembrance threads on that forum.  It just sucks.

Orange is the New Black is a fantastic show.  It's nice to see Netflix produce a quality series. If you have Netflix and you haven't watched Orange yet, I highly recommend checking it out.  

Dog Shows
Poison picked up a point in Amana last weekend, and Rayne got two Best Puppy in Specialty wins this weekend.  I hope her owners like candy, because she got two huge crystal candy dishes!  (Yes, that's me in a skirt with Rayne.  Try not to faint.)

Lure Coursing Practice
A few weeks ago, Coursing Hounds of Iowa held a practice day.  I talked about it briefly, but didn't post any photos. I now realize that wasn't nice, since we all know lure coursing news is boring without photos!

Poison chasing the bunnies!

You've almost got 'em, Poison!

Kaylee shows how it's done...

Kaylee loves this sport!


Another club member's dog (a Borzoi) coursing.

My friend's son holds tight onto his Ibizan Hound!

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