Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Prairie Dobe Thanksgiving

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.  Steve always has to work holidays, so we schedule holiday celebrations for his days off.  This year, we had Thanksgiving on Monday.  Steve's caveman brain kicked in (GROG BRING HOME GIANT ASS TURKEY!  GROG'S WIFE WILL THINK GROG IS A MIGHT HUNTER!) and he bought an 18lb turkey.  He did this, knowing full well that there was no way we'd eat that entire turkey in one sitting, and that microwaved turkey tastes gross.  We also had mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and two cheesecakes.  Yes.  Two cheesecakes.  We still have mountains of leftovers.

So today is the "official" Thanksgiving.  I have no plans except to sit around in my pajamas, watch Harry Potter movies, and resist ordering anything from the Paco Collars sale.  (I might have failed at that last part.)

Earlier this morning I decided to take the Dobergirls to the dog ranch.  I dug a FidoFleece out of storage for Poison, and Kaylee got to try out her new Ruffwear Climate Changer jacket.

Kaylee was just a wee bit happy to be at the ranch...

Kaylee, stop modeling.  You're not in a Ruffwear advertisement.

Poison: "Stay?  Okay!  Look at me, I'm staying!"
Kaylee:  "Stay is for pussies."

Happy Turkey Day!

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