Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Reviewsday: Chewy.com - Natural Balance Platefulls

Chewy.com sent the cats a present!  At least, that's what I told them.  In reality, they just needed some super-cool bloggers to try out some kitty food.  They sent me four packets of Natural Balance Platefulls.

I should mention that Chewy.com offers free shipping on orders over $49, and their prices are comparable to what you'll find in stores.  In fact, right now Chewy.com has Platefulls for sale for $0.83, compared to the Theisen's price of $0.96.  And heck - if you don't want to spend $49 on food to get free shipping, their standard shipping rate is only $4.99 flat rate.  Not bad, not bad!

Chunks, gravy, and colorful veggie bits.  Each packet is the equivalent of a 3oz can, with less mess and less room wasted in the trash can!  

"Give me the food and I won't make you bleed!" - Dart

"I'm serious!  I will cut you if you don't feed me now!" - Dart
"Yeah... what he said." - Pierre

Dart tries another tactic.  Threats weren't working.

"FINALLY!"  *om nom nom*

As I expected, all of the cats really enjoyed this food.  The ingredients include named meats, and the main ingredients are all recognizable as actual food.  Named meat broths are used instead of plain water.  I couldn't find any creepy "Frankenstein" ingredients either.  The "litter box results" were great too - no diarrhea!  My cats have sensitive tummies when they eat non-raw meals, so I was happy that their guts weren't adversely affected by Natural Balance Platefulls.  

For under $1.00 a packet, I'd be very comfortable buying this for my cats!

PS - Dart says he wants more.  I might just have to order a 24-pack from Chewy.com - $20 is a great price!

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