Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poison's Treasures: Part 1

Poison has always been a thief.  She will steal an item and then happily trot around with it until she's caught.  It almost seems like part of the "game" is being discovered with her pilfered treasure.  One of her first recorded thefts was of a bra in April 2013.  She was four months old.

Fast forward a few months, and I caught her with a catnip-filled mouse.

Yesterday, she was caught with a single packing peanut.

Today, I caught her with a discarded ear post (eww!) ...

... and a kitty wand.  As she ran around with the wand, Dart chased her.

From now on, I will photograph Poison's treasures before I take them away from her.  Once I have a decent amount, I will make another blog post like this one.  I hope she never stops, because it's adorable.

PS - after publishing this, I caught her with one of Tab's puppy teeth.  Too small to take a picture.

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