Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Reviewsday: Scensty

Okay, I know what you're thinking.... Scentsy isn't a pet product!  Well I don't care.  It's not directly a pet product, but it sure is something I see as an essential tool in managing a multiple-pet home.

What is Scentsy?
For the uninitiated, allow me to educate.  Scentsy is a scented wax warming system.  Plug in warmer, plop in a bit of Scentsy wax, turn on warmer, and your house will magically smell fantastic.  Scentsy also offers room sprays, travel tins, laundry additives, soaps, lotions, and more.

Why is Scentsy better than those plug-in things with the oil cartridges?
1. Scentsy offers more scents than the plug-ins.
2. Scentsy smells way better than any of the plug-ins.
3. One Scentsy warmer can scent multiple rooms.
4. Less waste in our landfills!  (Those little oil containers are so wasteful!)

Why is Scentsy better than candles?
1. No flame = less of a fire hazard
2. No soot = no stains on walls and ceilings

Long story short, Scentsy allows you to have pretty ceramic art pieces in your home that double as air fresheners.  Seriously, the warmers are gorgeous!  There are several sizes available, as well as options that don't emit any light.  There are even warmer styles that "hide" the wax, so pets cannot accidentally dip their feet or noses into it!

Here's my Scentsy story.  Several years ago, as I as frantically cleaning my house in preparation for a visit from my parents, all my dogs decided it would be a lovely idea to have diarrhea.... inside.  With my parents arriving in less than an hour, I cleaned up the mess and turned on the Scentsy warmers.  When my parents arrived, they had no idea that the house had been a poo-explosion site.  I call that a win.

The warmers are ceramic.  Some have metal covers, and some of them have glass parts.  The wax is melted with light bulbs inside the warmer.  Some warmers have heating elements instead of bulbs.  They come in plug-in, medium, and full sizes.  (The Elemental warmers - the ones with the heating elements - are smallish.)

Bars can be broken into 8 little chunks.  I use 2 chunks in my larger warmers, and 1 in my plug-ins.  They last about 4-6 days before they have to be replaced.  You can mix different scents together to create new scents, but that's not something I've tried yet.... because I am a lazy person.

Layers is what Scentsy calls their spa line.  I've found the body wash pretty weak, but the lotion is amazing.  You don't need much, and it's not oily or messy.  And like every other Scentsy product... it smells great!

Washer Whiffs
These are the higher quality, better-smelling cousins of Purex Crystals and Downy Unstoppables.  I use these when I make my homemade laundry detergent.  I love using this on loads of dog blankets because they leave the blankets smelling heavenly.  I've never had a dog break out from this either, which is good because many artificial fragrances can cause rashes on dogs with sensitive skin.

So yeah.... Scentsy.  The unsung hero of dog owners.  I don't know how I survived without Scentsy before!

Note: Yeah, none of the images in this blog post are mine.  I'm running on like two hours of sleep, so everything I do today has sort of been half-arsed.  The reason for my sleep deprivation is a story for another day.... most likely tomorrow.  Yeah.  Tomorrow.

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