Friday, March 7, 2014

Timelines and Musings


I'm a planner.  I like having lists, timelines, maps, itineraries... since Tab is going back to his breeder (don't ask, I'm not elaborating on that subject) my dog plans have changed.  I'm still planning on getting my Ibizan Hound, but due to the lack of males in the house, I get to potentially bring home a boy instead of a girl.  This is actually a great change, since I prefer male Ibizans over female Ibizans. A male Ibizan I can keep intact and not have to worry about cancelling lure coursing due to seasons.  And frankly, I prefer female dobes over males.  Always have, and probably always will. So here's my tentative timeline:

2015 - Acquire Ibizan, maybe call him Firefly? (Kaylee will be 7, Poison will be 2, Talla will be 4)
2017 - Acquire Doberman, maybe call her Vera? (Kaylee will be 9, Poison will be 4, Talla will be 6)
... and we'll go from there.


I read somewhere that keeping the thermostat at 65 degrees saves energy costs, so we've been keeping the house at 65 for the past few weeks.  I've gotten used to it for the most part, but the dogs still occasionally shiver.  Thank goodness for fleece puppy pajamas.

In an effort to refill my karmic buckets, I'm getting into fostering again until it's time to bring home lil' Firefly.  About a week ago, our rescue got a Doberman from a shelter in Michigan named River.  River needs an experienced foster home, so he's going to one of our best fosters here in Iowa. Aryn got me looking at the other dogs that need fosters, and we both instantly fixated on a spunky-looking Bull Terrier named Eager.  Steve said we could foster again, so Eager will be joining the Prairiedobe crew this weekend.

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