Friday, May 30, 2014

A'Coursing We Will Go! Part 2

This past weekend we went to Wisconsin for some more coursing!  Poison got her CA (Coursing Ability) title, and Rocket got three more passes toward his CAX.  Unfortunately Kaylee hurt herself the first day, so we decided not to run her for awhile until we have an experienced sighthound person show us how to wrap her feet.  I'm bummed that she may not finish her CAX this year, but her health will always be more important than a title.  Besides, everyone who knows her thinks of her as an "honorary sighthound" anyway.  We'll probably course with her again in the fall.

Poison's CA title run...

Go go Rocket!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A'Coursing We Will Go! Part 1

Yesterday marked the beginning of the "Month of Coursing" for 2014.  Usually we limit dog events to 1-2 weekends each month, but we have three coursing events in May.  I am on the field committee for two of those events.

Yesterday we held a Coursing Ability test in Guthrie Center, IA. It was our first stand-alone CAT, and while we experienced some equipment problems it still was a successful weekend.  We held two tests in one day, which meant Kaylee earned CAX (Coursing Ability Excellent) legs #18 and #19, and Poison earned the first two legs of her CA (Coursing Ability.)

Kaylee's Morning Run

Poison's Morning Run (only two photos, since the memory card filled up!)

Kaylee's Afternoon Run

Poison's Afternoon Run:

After both events we had enough time to do practice runs.  Stark got to do a 100-yard "puppy straight" - a simple course with no turns.  These are a safe way to introduce puppies to the game without the risk of injuring their growing bodies.  First he tried to run the course with a glass clod in his mouth, but I stopped him...

I love this photo of his recall off the bags.  I love this puppy so much.  :)

It's interesting to see how different dogs run.  Kaylee is a "speed dog" - meaning she's extremely fast and it can be hard to keep the lure going fast enough for her.  Our equipment couldn't get the speed we needed in the afternoon, but despite being a speed dog she has no interest in actually grabbing the lure so her afternoon run went smoothly.  

Poison is young and inexperienced, so she doesn't run as smoothly (or in my opinion, as prettily) as Kaylee.  She's also not as crazy for the lure, which makes her easier to handle at the line but not as entertaining as the dogs that are nutso for it.

Aryn's dog Rocket is entertaining, but not always in the way Kaylee is entertaining.  He's a known cheater, so his runs are always a surprise.  "Cheaters" are dogs that try to out-think the lure and predict where it will go, and will often take off in a completely different direction in an effort to cut it off.  Sometimes this works, but other times the dog's gamble is wrong and the lure gets away from them.  Despite his cheating, Rocket still passed both runs yesterday.

Rocket's Runs:

With any luck, by the end of May Kaylee will be 1 run away from her CAX.  Poison will have her CA, and be 3 runs away from her CAA.  It's going to be a whirlwind of a month for the girls!