Sunday, June 1, 2014

A'Coursing We Will Go! Part 3

Our string of coursing weekends has come to an end!  Poison got CAA legs #6 and #7 this weekend, and Rocket is now only 2 legs away from his CAX.  Kaylee stayed home yet again, as I still need to find someone to help me wrap her feet correctly.

Due to being a bit shorthanded we didn't get any photos of Rocket's runs, but here are the photos Aryn got of Poison!  She is quickly figuring out how to pace herself.  She gets faster every time we course.  I may me biased when I say I doubt she'll ever match Kaylee's speed, but she's still a fun dog to run and a joy to own.  I'm glad she's got the drive needed to be a great coursing dog. 

Some of our friends also reached some milestones this weekend.  Rookie the pit bull (adopted from IDR+ by our friend Erin) had his first experience with lure coursing and loved it!  Erin now has two crazy coursing dogs in her home... many of you know her other dog, Bourbon.

Jack the English Setter earned the first two legs of his CA title.  Hopefully this upcoming weekend he'll finish his CA.  It's great to see him enjoy this sport and be successful!

Rip (Ch Fidelis Ripcord) also did a fun run, and he did very well for his first experience with lure coursing.  With a bit more practice and some flirt-pole work at home, I have no doubt he'll be ready to run for a title.

The gnats were horrible.  My eyes are still nearly swollen shut from getting bug spray in them all day, and I've heard Aryn is having the same problem!  It was very hot, but many of us brought ez-up canopies and sun shades so we had an entire "camp" set up to keep everyone cool and comfortable.

Despite applying 40% DEET, we were being eaten alive out there.  The dogs were fine, but the humans were suffering.  Out of all the products we had available, the only one that worked against the gnats was Bug Soother.  I'm including this in my post only so I can remember to buy a bottle, and to let my readers know that this made-in-Iowa product is basically the most amazing bug spray on earth.

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